The Passage of Love by Alex Miller

Pasage of Love.jpg

A brilliant book, this is a fictional autobiography by multi-award winning novelist, Alex Miller. 

Commencing with Robert Crofts as an old man pondering whether he will write again, he thinks about his youth and the memories flood back…Originally from London, Robert arrives in Melbourne as a penniless stockman from the Queensland outback looking to find his real purpose in life, which is to be a writer. He meets Lena Soren, beautiful, educated and wealthy. Complex and passionate, she recognises in him a freedom, which she desires and immediately falls in love with.

The story chronicles their challenging relationship over the years as he struggles to establish himself as a writer and she struggles to break free from her restrictive middle-class upbringing and to find her own creative identity.

Written with deep insight and intelligence this is a wonderful novel exploring the complexity of relationships, love and the need to find individual creativity and identity with in that. 

A truly great and fulfilling read.

- Sue