Stay With Me by Maureen McCarthy

Stay With Me by Maureen McCarthy.jpg

Wonderfully written, absorbing, thrilling, tragic and touching. What more can you want? 

Tess is married to Jay, a charismatic, generous and attractive man who says he loves her. Four years later his love has turned to violent physical abuse. 

To save her child’s life Tess makes a desperate escape. Through the assistance of a stranger Tess embarks on a road trip back to her family. But in four years more a lot has changed. And the question remains- will Jay find her? 

A poignant story with a remarkably relatable character which will ensure you never ask questions like- ‘why didn't you just leave when the abuse started?’

The terror created by Jay stimulates the book and allows you to gain insight and empathy for those affected by abuse. In this way it explores family violence and mental illness without lessening or simplifying the issues. 

Not all doom and gloom the story also describes the incredible difference that a stranger’s kindness can have on a family. Leaving you with the sense that there is underlying hope in even the most horrific of situations. 

Age: 14+
Review: 9/10 

- Katie McGregor