One of Us by Åsne Seierstad

A non-fiction novel in the tradition of Capote’s In Cold Blood, One of Us paints a picture of Anders Breivik, and his massacre of seventy-seven fellow Norwegians.
Anders Breivik was a friendless, isolated and angry man, and after many attempts at wealth and control including an internet start-up peddling fake diplomas, and a failed bid for candidacy in a right-wing political party, Breivik began writing a hate filled right-wing manifesto to save western civilisation from cultural Marxism, multiculturalism and Islamisation. 
Horrifically these were not just words for Breivik, and despite having absolutely no accomplices or followers, he appointed himself The Knight Commander of the self-imagined crusading army the Knights Templar and proceeded to meticulously plan and execute the most atrocious lone gunman bombing and massacre in living memory.
Reading about a real life massacre is about as harrowing as you would expect but Seierstad's astounding level of research and intimate style knit together the story of Breivik with some beautiful and tragic portraits of young Norwegians and their families whose hope and ambition to help their country put them in stark contrast to their killer. 
Highly Recommended.
- Cam