​I Love Dick by Chris Kraus

I Love Dick  by Chris Kraus.jpg

iven the willingness recently shown by younger authors such as Sheila Heti and Ben Lerner to experiment with the traditional novel form, the re-issue of I Love Dick - the first novel by director/publisher/critic Chris Kraus (originally released in 1997) - makes perfect sense. Still, readers accustomed to the ambivalent, even defeated, tone that occasionally infects the work of Lerner and Heti will be in for a surprise. Kraus's writing exhibits a painful, even tortured, kind of self-awareness, but the book's message is bold and clear. Composed mainly of letters addressed to an unrequited love, along with ruminations on sexual psychology, philosophy, and snatches of art criticism, I Love Dick is part essay, part memoir, part manifesto - and a welcome reminder that the barriers most threatening to our freedom can often be the hardest to acknowledge.

- Dan