The Fence by Meredith Jaffe

The Fence by Meredith Jaffe.jpg

Ever had a dispute with your next door neighbour? Well The Fence is a salutary lesson in how not to behave. Francesca and her increasing family moves into a leafy green north shore Sydney suburb. She is a corporate high flyer and has strong opinions on all manner of things. Her neighbours Gwen and Eric have lived in the same street for 50 or so years. Gwen is a keen gardener and there has never been a fence between the two properties but for her children’s safety Francesca demands that one be erected. What ensues is a sorry tale about neighbourhood battles, council regulations, and ultimately relationship problems. Francesca’s marriage is teetering and her children are becoming deceitful while Gwen is battling her inner gardening demons she also has to deal with the increasing realisation that Eric is losing his marbles. This is not high literature but there is a build up of tension which renders The Fence a suburban page turner with a twist in the ending and a bit of tragedy to boot.

- Rita