​ Orangeboy by Patrice Lawrence

  Orangeboy by Patrice Lawrence.jpg

Basic info: Set in Hackney. Very dark teenage read. Marlon, a black boy is on his first date with Sonya, a white girl. They both take some ecstasy. Sonya convinces Marlon to hold on to her stash. They are at a local carnival. On one of the rides, Sonya dies. Marlon is questioned by the police. Marlon is a somewhat naive and frustrating character - he makes bad decisions (I kept shouting ‘nooooo'! in the background): while trying to do the right thing, he ends up sometimes doing the wrong thing. It’s very compelling, fast paced and very ‘now’. 

Review: Marlon is one of the good kids. His older brother Andre was one of the bad kids who ran with a bad crowd until he’s in a car crash that kills his best friend while he is left brain damaged. Marlon and Andre’s worlds collide when Marlon’s date with the pretty Sonya ends in tragic when she dies of an overdose after she and Marlon share some drugs. Marion finds himself caught between the nightmare world of his brother’s gang culture and the promise he made to his mother to stay out of trouble. This is a story about choices…

- Amanda