Remind Me How This Ends by Gabrielle Tozer


Aussie author Gabrielle Tozer’s latest YA novel is a fantastic read for teens and adults alike.

Layla hasn’t set foot in the country town of Durnan since her mum died in a tragic accident and her father packed their bags. That was five years ago. Now she has returned.

Milo’s the kid who never left. He’s treading water, working at his dad’s bookshop and pining for his long-term girlfriend, missing his friends, who have all left Durnan for bigger and better things.

Layla and Milo used to be neighbours, best buddies, but time has changed them both. Will they rekindle their friendship? Will it lead to something more? Or are there just too many reasons to turn away?

I loved this “boy-meets-girl-again story.” The rural setting, the laughs, the sucker-punches to the heart. I was rooting for Milo and Layla every step of the way, and yeah, I nearly cried (but I held those tears back because I am tough and manly, dammit). For me, it’s Tozer’s portrayal and exploration of grief that’s the real standout here. An entertaining, heartfelt read you’ll chew through it in no time.

- Jeremy