The First Bad Man by Miranda July

The First Bad Man  by Miranda July.jpg

Cheryl is in her early forties and having a deluded fantasy about a relationship with an older man who is clearly a jerk. She is dangerously passive, lonely and has a simmering unhappiness, kept at bay with carefully devised systems to keep her small home neat and her life in order.

When her bosses (“old friends”) all but force her to accommodate their stunning but messy, selfish and physically aggressive 21-year old daughter Clee, she must find new ways to cope because her solitary life and carefully devised systems are over, probably forever.

Now that might sound depressing, but Miranda July’s dry humour (reminiscent of A.M Homes) and empathy toward her imperfect characters make this a very engaging and touching novel.

A wonderful telling of how sometimes life can barge in on us, wreck everything, but leave us glad it did.

My favourite book of the year so far.
Highly recommended.

- Cam