The Whites by Harry Brandt (AKA Richard Price)


In the 90’s Billy Graves was in small tight-knit group of gung-ho cops self-titled the Wild Geese. Today they still meet up to tell stories and support each other, most are retired from Police work, but all of them are haunted by a criminal in their past who went unpunished, they call these nemeses their ‘White’, a reference to Moby Dick.

Graves is still Police, the head of a team of night detectives (1am to 8am) who are constantly happening upon terrible crimes, and it’s through his eyes we see New York as a crime soaked cesspool.

On duty at 4am, Graves finds a ‘White’ murdered, and it won’t be the last. Does he really want to know who the culprit is?

An excellent, sharp and gritty crime novel with haunted characters and a spine-tingling antagonist.


- Cam