Less by Andrew Sean Greer


A delightful and funny novel about a writer, Arthur Less, who decides to avoid his former lover’s wedding and his approaching 50th birthday by accepting previously-ignored invitations to attend a variety of literary events around the world - which Less would have us believe are for ‘less than’ authors (such as himself). The humour lies in the relatable and unique evocations involving self-deprecation and/or the fertile tragicomedy that is international travel. It is a rather simple story written in a refreshingly straightforward manner, with some startlingly exact descriptions, and for that reason seems like an unusual pick as a Pulitzer winner (which prize is referenced in the book, including a description of how it is pronounced). There is flashback, self-conscious references to ‘the narrator’ and short passages from a third party child observer of Less’ ridiculous escapades. All in all a happy making novel, really. 

Highly recommended.

- Eve