The Science of Food: An Exploration of What We Eat and How We Cook by Marty Jopson

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In this highly entertaining and accessible book, BBC's The One Show's science and technology presenter and all-round science guy Marty Jopson turns his attentions to things culinary and, more specifically, the everyday miracles that happen in the kitchen.
Why does popcorn puff? Why do cakes rise? Why do onions make you cry? Bacteria good or bad? There are many reactions and cooking processes that we may use everyday but have never really understood.

From fascinating facts from microbiology to maximizing the benefits of proteins and vitamins, and the future of food and food production, there is a wealth of information to enjoy here. You’ll never approach the kitchen in the same way again.

Marty Jopson
Marty Jopson has a PhD in Cell Biology and is the resident scientist on BBC One’s The One Show.

Marty has been working in television for eighteen years, since his first job building props, and has been performing stage science around the UK for twenty years.

Category:Food & beverage technology
Publication Date:01-11-2017
Publisher:Michael\O'Mara#Books, Limited
Country of origin:United Kingdom
Dimensions (mm):198x129x22mm