Welcome to the Story Club by Ben Jenkins & Zoe Norton Lodge

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A hilarious, no-holds-barred collection of true stories from Story Club, the legendary live show that spawned the hit podcast

In this first collection from Story Club, the legendary live show that has become a hit podcast, Club founders and popular Checkout presenters Zoe Norton Lodge and Ben Jenkins have brought together 30 of the most candid true tales by some of Australia's funniest oversharers.

The results are by turns hilarious, poignant, revealing and, sometimes, downright weird. Contributors include David Marr, Annabel Crabb, Richard Glover, Rob Carlton, Lewis Hobba, Cathy Wilcox, Susie Youssef, Kate Mulvaney (King Lear), Debra Oswald, and many more.

ISBN: 9780733339554
ISBN-10: 0733339557 
Audience: General 
Format: Paperback 
Language: English 
Number Of Pages: 320
Available: 16th November 2018
Publisher: ABC Books 
Country of Publication: AU