Ultimate Gardens and Swimming Pools by Wim Pauwels


An exclusive new book presenting private properties never before seen. The lavish gardens and swimming pools featured in this book are the creations of renowned landscape architects. More and more, people are treating the outdoor spaces on their properties as true extensions of their homes, turning pools and gardens into outdoor living spaces that serve the same functions as indoor rooms. From large gardens to small terraces, from urban to rural, from contemporary to classical, from infinity-edge pools to attractive garden pools, this book presents superb garden and pool projects from prominent landscape and garden designers. This captivating book offers readers the rare opportunity to enter exquisite private spaces and to delve into the idyllic beauty of garden and unprecedented pool design and will help to consider strong garden contexts, landscape planning and pool-site plans. The ultimate resource and a must-have visual reference for garden lovers looking for exclusive inspiration! Includes private gardens from the UK, France, Belgium, and Hong Kong. Text in English and French. 200 colour images

ISBN-13 9782875500656
1st September 2019
Beta-Plus Publishing